Hurghada Museum

Hurghada Museum is an important ring in Egypt’s museums. This museum covers an area of about 10 thousand square meters, but the gallery is just 3 thousand square meters. In fact, it is housing 2000 pieces from different periods. The ground floor includes all the shops for souvenirs (papyrus, gold, silver, stones, clothes, and perfume) [...]

Trip to valley of the kings from Hurghada

Trip to Valley of the Kings from Hurghada. See the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, and Lunch. Book a day excursion from Hurghada to explore Egypt's finest historic sites in the Luxor Valley of the kings. Pickup and drop-off and the services of an Egyptologist guide as you explore the most [...]

Snorkeling trip including lunch and drinks

Snorkeling trip in Hurghada including lunch and drinks. Enjoy Hurghada snorkeling by boat and explore the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea in full-day tour from Hurghada. Enjoy the snorkeling among natural reefs and colorful corals. Giftun is one of 22 islands located in Red Sea region, attracts people with its pure sand beach, crystal [...]

Egypt Essential Tour

Egypt essential tour. Tour package from Hurghada to visit Cairo and Luxor. In addition, the trip takes four days from Hurghada to explore Cairo the modern capital of Egypt. Luxor was the ancient capital. In fact, in this multi-day tour, customers experience many sites of different periods. Egypt Essential Tour It is not an all-inclusive holiday [...]

Hurghada shopping tour with dinner

Hurghada shopping tour with dinner, explore Hurghada sightseeing. Enjoy shopping excursion as a private tour with dinner. Visit the first aquarium in Africa. In addition, Hurghada shopping tour offers a tasty dinner in one of the best oriental restaurants. Truly, it is the capital of the Red Sea province and the most important tourist destination [...]

Dolphin Watching Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Dolphin Watching Boat Tour with Snorkeling. Swim with dolphins in Hurghada. Enjoy snokeling with dolphins in open red sea. This boat trip is the most popular for snorkeling in Hurghada with a high chance to see dolphins. You can also enjoy swimming with dolphins in the open water. Therefore, it is a super excursion to [...]

Luxor trip families from Hurghada

Luxor trip families from Hurghada. A day tour to visit Luxor from Hurghada. Explore the valley of the Queens and the temple of Luxor also. An excursion to the capital of ancient Egypt for several centuries. In addition, Luxor has one of the most impressive places which is the valley of the Queens. Samegypt tours [...]

Luxor trip by bus from Hurghada

Luxor trip by bus from Hurghada from €75. Tour to Luxor from Hurghada by bus. Visit Karnak tempels, Valley of the Kings, Temple of queen Hatshepsut. It is the trip that should be a must. In fact, you explore valley of the kings and the temple of Karnak. In addition, visit the temple of Queen [...]

Giftun Island with Snorkeling in Hurghada

Giftun island with snorkeling in Hurghada. Enjoy a snorkeling trip from Hurghada to the famous Giftun island. A boat trip to the red sea. Fantastic excursion by boat in the red sea. It is also one of 22 islands located in the Red Sea region that attracts people with its pure sand beach, crystal clear water, and sun [...]

Private Luxor trip from Hurghada

Private Luxor trip from Hurghada. Visit Luxor, Thebes and Valley of the Kings or the queens. Wonder at Karnak temple and the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Enjoy a wonderful boat trip in the Nile and see the beauty of Luxor. Book your private Luxor trip and explore the capital of ancient Egypt. See Luxor and [...]

Cairo trip by bus from Hurghada

Cairo trip by bus from Hurghada. Enjoy a lovely tour to Cairo from Hurghada. Explore the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World at Giza. Visit Cairo museum. Discover how the pyramids were built from an Egyptologist. Here can be read the history of civilizations, for it is the storehouse of monuments dating [...]

Luxor trip mini from Hurghada

Luxor trip mini from Hurghada. Trip to Luxor from Hurghada from €75 per person, visit valley of the queens and Luxor temple. Private tour with private guide. You will travel with an air-conditioned which is a  deluxe vehicle. No city has such glory and history as Luxor. This was also a place for pilgrimage and [...]

Two days trip to Aswan from Marsa Alam

Two days trip to Aswan from Marsa Alam is a tour to visit Aswan city. Explore the unfinished obelisk that gives us the way to make it. Visit the Philae temple which belongs to the goddess Isis, mother of the god Horus and wife of the god Osiris. This temple locates on the island. Experience [...]

Day trip Luxor from Marsa Alam

Luxor trip from Marsa Alam is a private day tour to visit the Valley of the kings and Karnak temples. It is a private excursion to explore Luxor city which was the capital of ancient Egypt. Experience the old history of Egypt in one of the oldest cities in the world. Luxor trip from Marsa Alam We start a bit early in [...]

Mahmya Island Hurghada

Mahmya island Hurghada – Super excursion to the dream beach where you can plant a dream Mahmya island trip inspired by its natural surroundings. Mahmya is an eco-tourism haven bordered by virgin blue water that is awaiting exploration and a white sandy beach inviting relaxation. Mahmya has an exotic escape that will change your idea [...]

Cairo overnight private from Hurghada

Cairo overnight private trip from Hurghada. Enjoy Cairo trip for two days from Hurghada. Overnight tour to explore the capital of Egypt. Experience the mother of the Arabic world in addition to the seat of government. Cairo is also the goal of all travelers and the center of education and culture. In addition, customers see it as the [...]

Luxor overnight private from Hurghada

Luxor overnight private from Hurghada. Explore Luxor, valley of the kings, temple of Amenhotep III and Karnak temples. See temple of queen Hatshepsut, Colossi of Memnon, Sound and Light Show and boat trip in the Nile. Luxor overnight is the best two days trip to visit Luxor without rush. Luxor was the capital of ancient [...]

Best of Egypt Tours

Best of Egypt tours is a multi-day tour is a well-chosen package to cover many different destinations. Start from Cairo, which is the capital of Egypt and the Arabic world. There is the taste of the past from ancient Egypt to modem life. The second capital of Egypt is Alexandria with its beauty on the [...]

Egypt Exclusive Tours

Egypt exclusive tours is a tour package from Hurghada to Luxor then Nile cruise to Aswan. Start the tour from Hurghada by bus to Luxor. Visit Luxor monuments and sightseeing then sail in the Nile with the cruise to Aswan city. Visit Aswan the most beautiful city in Egypt with its own virgin atmosphere. Egypt [...]

Egypt Discovery Tours

Egypt discovery tours and Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Visit Cairo the most attractive city in the world. It is a world in itself, a museum of all the ages, cultures and historical events. This is a super tour package that covers many cities and most of Egypt's monuments. Luxor was the capital of [...]

Wonders of Upper Egypt

Wonders of Upper Egypt is to explore Egypt trips and tours from Hurghada. Visit the Luxor then Nile cruise to Aswan. The package starts from Hurghada. It covers the most valuable sites in the south. In Luxor there the valley of the kings and Karnak temple. The Nile cruise the best in the world without equal. Wonders of Upper [...]

Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor

Nile Cruise 3 nights 4 days from Aswan to Luxor. Egypt tours and Nile cruises, which are at the top of all programs. The tour begins from Aswan to Luxor. In addition, it is an awesome option for the meaning of the holiday of culture. Nile cruise was always the best of Egypt to explore the most of Egypt's sightseeing from [...]

Egypt Spiritual Tour

Egypt spiritual Tour is a package for eight days that covers the most historical sites in Egypt. Explore the deep history of the land of Pharaohs from the north to the south. Enjoy visiting six cities in one week's holiday. Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Dendera, Abydos, and Alexandria. From the first day in Cairo comes the [...]

Trip to red sea monasteries from Hurghada

Day trip to red sea monasteries from Hurghada. Egypt holds the oldest monasteries in the world; it is the monastery of Saint Anthony who was orphaned by parents at the age of eight years old. Trip to red sea monasteries from Hurghada Day trip to red sea monasteries from Hurghada. The monastery was founded around [...]

Trip to Dendera temple from Hurghada

Trip to Dendera temple from Hurghada. A private day tour from Hurghada to the best well-preserved temple in the whole of Egypt. In fact, the temple belongs to the goddess Hathor, the cow, the goddess of love joy, and music. The temple is known with Cleopatra temple as well. In addition, the temple is very [...]

Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan

Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Tour starts from Luxor to Aswan. Enjoy best of Egypt' tours and explore the deep history of Egypt. Discover the awesome Nile and the beauty of Upper Egypt in a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Actually, the Nile was the source of power and the mine of life [...]

Neverland show Hurghada

Neverland show Hurghada, it is time to immerse yourself and to enjoy a beautiful international show in the hotel Alf Leila Wa Leila with dinner with soft drinks. It is about two and a half hours of international showing, pop music, dancers with lights. Enjoy a delicious, oriental dinner while watching the most awaited show [...]

Speedboat trip Hurghada

Speedboat trip Hurghada. Enjoy the exciting jet boat private trip in the red sea. Make your adrenaline rush with the awesome speedboat trip in Hurghada. If you are in Hurghada, then this is the time to feel the splashes of the adrenaline. Samegypt tours will pick you up from your hotel to the marina. Experience such [...]

Desert Safari trip VIP

Desert safari trip VIP from Hurghada. Hurghada is remarkable with safari tours and trips. With this excursion explore the eastern desert or the Arabic desert. In fact, the desert extends from the Red Sea to the Nile river which is covering an area of about 220,000 square Km. It is also remarkable with its astonishing landscape, mountains [...]

Quad biking tour with dinner

Quad biking tour with dinner. Enjoy the quad bike safari tour in Hurghada. Explore the desert with a safari excursion. Get ready for an exciting adventure trip. Awesome excursion from Hurghada. Take your machine and drive in the eastern desert of Egypt to the Bedouin village. The quad bike is a very easy automatic machine also. The trip [...]

Super safari tour

Desert super safari tour from Hurghada. Enjoy Hurghada Safari trip. Visit the Bedouin village and ride camels also. In addition, you will enjoy a quad bike tour. Lovely excursion in the desert with much fun and great variety. In fact, the red sea desert or Arabic desert locates between the red sea and the river [...]

Orange Bay Island Hurghada

Orange Bay Island in Hurghada is a lovely snorkeling trip by boat to the orange bay island in Hurghada. Truly, the orange bay snorkeling trip is unique and an island of adventure also. Therefore, it looks like an island of blue dolphins. It is one of several islands in Egypt. The view from the island in the sun is incredible. The red sea [...]

Hurghada city tour

Hurghada city tour, guided sightseeing tour to discover Hurghada city from €12. Visit the vegetable market, Coptic church, Grand mosque, marina and shopping. Super guided tour to experience Hurghada. Explore the old market and walk around. Hurghada houses a massive number of malls and shops. Truly, Hurghada weather is nice the whole year. The city [...]

Cairo trip private from Hurghada

Cairo trip private from Hurghada. A private day tour from Hurghada to Cairo to visit the museum and the pyramids. Best tour to experience Cairo, the capital of Egypt. In addition, private excursion to explore the best wonders of ancient Egypt. Cairo is a city of spacious avenues and also splendid stores and buildings. The Nile divides [...]

Quad biking trip from Hurghada

Quad biking trip for 3 hours. Explore the desert trip with a quad bike tour from Hurghada. Truly, enjoy a lovely safari trip to the Bedouin village and drive between the mountains also. Simply start your day with an adventure excursion by quad bike 3 hours morning trip in the Arabic desert. Samegypt tours provide [...]

Sea Scope semi Submarine

Sea scope semi submarine from Hurghada. It is the easiest of all boat trips in Hurghada. To step into a huge Aquarium without getting wet is also great with 5 meters under the sea surface. In addition, you can watch many fishes and beautiful marine life. Sea scope submarine trip is lovely for kids and adults with a beautiful [...]

Paradise Island snorkeling trip Hurghada

Paradise Island snorkeling trip Hurghada. Enjoy a fantastic day trip in the Red Sea in Hurghada. Relax on the beach of the island. Super day trip to a wonderful place where you enjoy the white sand beach. The island is a marine protectorate since 1986 with unique reefs and fishes. Fantastic snorkeling spot that is [...]

Mini Egypt Park in Hurghada

Mini Egypt Park in Hurghada is an open museum that contains more than 50 models. They are depictions of the most famous touristic landmarks of Egypt. In addition, that scales 1:25 so you will find yourself as a giant among the marvels of Egypt. Mini Egypt Park in Hurghada is also a fantastic trip for [...]

Trip to Dendera and Abydos from Luxor

Trip to Dendera and Abydos Temples from Luxor. Visit the best of Egypt's temples. Dendera monument is well-preserved and close to Luxor city. Explore Abydos city and enjoy fantastic scenes and details of king Seti. We will pick you up from your hotels or cruises in Luxor. Transfer to Dendera temple then Abydos. The temple [...]