Luxor trip private from Hurghada



Luxor trip private from Hurghada. Private tour to Luxor from Hurghada from $90 per person. Day trip to visit Luxor and Valley of the Kings or the queens. This excursion is the best-seller from Hurghada and the common tour also. Therefore, Luxor trip private from Hurghada is the best excursion in Egypt.

This is a special trip from the red sea if you are in Hurghada. Thus, Samegypt tours is not the same as other tour operators. We provide the best flexible tour. Our customers compare it to the PGA tour. Thebes was a name during the Greek time.
Truly, the glory of the city began more after its army under the king Kamos who defeated the Hyksos, enemies of Egypt. It became the political, military capital of Egypt. Its history started even deeper than the 18th dynasty.

Luxor trip private from Hurghada

The place was also for pilgrimage and a dream place for the Greeks and Romans. The city was the ancient future of arts, constructions, engineering, and medicine. It is better for lots of people to feel more private. With samegypt tours enjoy your trip without sharing anyone as a tailor-made tour.

Thus, in the eastern bank, you can decide to visit Karnak temple or Luxor temple. A boat trip on the Nile is very enjoyable to get to the other side of the River Nile.

On the west side, you can choose the Valley of the Kings or the Valley of the queens then another choice between the temple of Queen Hatshepsut or Madinat Habu. Finally is the colossi of Memnon including the Lunch with a Nile view restaurant.

It is known that the Valley of the Kings is the most famous place in the western bank of the Nile. Visiting the tomb of Tutankhamun (extra ticket) makes the visit very unique.

We do recommend Luxor trip private from Hurghada