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The Tower of Cairo

The Giza pyramids lying to the west of Cairo, and the slender minarets of the citadel of Salah El Din to the west, were the high points of the landscape for so long , but nowadays , they are being challenged by other aspiring rivals, among which nothing is more striking , that the slender tower that rise in the sky for 180 meters.

The tower stands on the Gezira, the large island that stands centrally within the city. At the base of the tower itself there is to be a special garden with chairs and tables where visitors can bask in the sun and have refreshments.

The entrance to the tower is by a handsome stairs of red granite from Aswan city and the base of structure is covered with the same stone.

The long slender column of reinforced concrete above is now covered with an open lattice work pattern. The entrance leads to a hall in Islamic style, the walls of which are elegantly decorated. Beyond it is a second hall decorated with glass mosaic panels.

From here there are speedy elevators to carry the visitor up to the top two storeys. The lower is a restaurant , the whole of which designed to rotate slowly and imperceptibly so that each half an hour each visitor has been able to see the entire wonderful panorama that shows the deserts to the east and west, the Delta northwards and the valley itself running south with the whole of Cairo and its surroundings below. The Nile with its sailing ships seems to flow past the base of the tower itself.

The restaurant accommodates eighty persons and is fully equipped. The second and higher store is fitted out as a café for light refreshments, and has seating for a hundred persons.

Above is an open balcony which the full splendor of the view can be enjoyed. It has panorama telescope and the multitude of ancient buildings directly before the eye.

North and south flow the broad waters of the Nile with its islands and the greenery of its banks beneath a limpid sky, the whole sparkling in the vivid sunshine. Above the balcony rises a tower that completes the whole. From top to bottom it is 185 meters, over 600 feet.

As can readily be imagined, the tower of Cairo dominates the whole landscape and even in the middle of the city it constantly appears over the tops of buildings.

Bold and elegant in the daytime, it is equally attractive at night when its upper storey's shine into the darkness above the vast spread of the capitals own light. Day and night, too, the panorama it offers is unique in the world and one that no one has ever seen before except from an aero plane circling slowly over the city.