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The ancient Egyptian religion

Religions guided all aspects of Egyptian life; Egyptian religion was based on polytheism, or worship of many deities, except for during the reign of Akhenaton. The Egyptian had as many as 2000 gods and goddesses. Some, such as Amon, were worshipped throughout the whole land, while others had only a local following. Often gods and goddesses were represented as part human and part animal.

Temples were considered dwelling places for gods. They were everywhere. Each city had a temple built for the god of the city. The purpose of the temple was to a cosmic centre by which men had communication with the gods. As the priests became more powerful, tombs became a part of great temple.

AMUN:  he was the great god and father of all gods. Lord of Thebes. His sacred animal was the ram.

Anubis: god of the tombs and the dead. His sacred animal was the jackal.

ATEN: he was the god of the sun during the time of the king Akhenaten.

Bastet : lady of Bubastit, goddess of happiness. Her sacred animal was the cat.

GEB: god of the earth.

HABY: god of the Nile.

HATHOR: goddesses of love, joy, music and everything beautiful. Her sacred animal was the cow.

HORUS: the falcon, he was the god of protection.

ISIS: she was the guardian of the coffins and the canopic jars.

Khepr: god immorality. His sacred symbol was the beetle.

Khnum: lord of the cataracts. His sacred animal was the golden colored ram.

Khonsu: god of the moon, son of Amun and Mut. His sacred bird was hawk.

MAAT: goddesses of truth and justice. Sacred symbol was the ostrich feather on her head.

Min: god of fertility and generation.

Montu: god of war.

Nephtys: she was the goddess of the tombs and the guardian of the dead. Sister of Osiris and Isis.

OSIRIS: god of the underworld.

PTAH: he was the creator god of Memphis.

SELKET: scorpion goddesses, was the guardian of the dead.

SETH: he was brother of Osiris and his murderer, so he was the god of evil.

Sobek: driver of evil. His sacred animal was the crocodile.

Toth: lord of writing. His sacred bird was the Ibis.